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If your goal is financial investment, our goal is to help you take wise economic decisions

Money Meditation is a financial market educational institution established in 2020.It is a one stop platform to learn about stock market, smart trading and other investment strategies.
Our aim is to create financial literacy and knowledge in today’s generation. With exceptional financial and stock market education, we believe that anyone can achieve financial freedom.
We have developed a unique curriculum model to give in-depth education and training in the field of financial markets for aspirants who want to invest in the stock market or make a bright career in this sector.
We have evolved to satiate the need of a rapidly evolving national economy. The courses offered here will not just be instrumental in your personal and professional growth but at large an organizational growth; an industry growth; India’s growth.

About the trainer


Learn with the leading stock market analyst to cherish a secured tomorrow. Money Meditation is certified in Equity Derivatives Market by NISM under SEBI.
Our trainer Madhavi Bandhineni, a gold medallist in post graduation started her career with one of the top MNC in India..With her software and technology experience in India & Switzerland, she has helped customers to achieve their goals in terms of product quality and financial growth
Always passionate about Business & Investments, she embarked her journey toward entrepreneurship. She started developing equipment to support the Government Scheme ‘Save Power and Water’ with effective methods in more than 10 districts.
But this mother of two couldn’t mute her passion calling. She started Money Meditation to teach others the knack of trading.
Madhavi is an expert trader, trainer, and certified in Equity Market by SEBI. She has real time experience in equity markets at domestic and international level.
She has experience in dealing with Asian, European and US stock markets which makes her a global market expert. Her passion to crack stocks has helped investors and traders make great progress.Madhavi is known for her expertise in technical analysis, risk management and chalking out risk free trading plans.

Program Details

If you want to manage your financial goals, the first step you must take is learning how to invest. Our courses help you to learn about the stock market from the scratch. Whether you are a student, a retired employee or an investor, we assure that this course will transform you from an investment newbie to a stock market pro.
Our courses will prepare you step by step to practically enhance your skill. By the time you complete the course, you will be able to solve various challenges concerned with the trading market.

Eligibility: There is absolutely no qualification required to improve your money making skills.

Batch timing: 2 pm to 5 pm every Sunday/Saturday

Location: Zoom Meeting Room

Program duration 4 Weeks 8 Weeks
Eligibility Absolutely a beginner can start learning with no previous knowledge, all you need is basic mathematics that we learnt till 7th Grade Should have basic knowledge in stock market
Course fee 15,000/- 35,000/-
  • - What is the stock market ?
  • - Entry Process for any company into Stock Market,IPO etc.
  • - Fundamental Analysis of a Company
  • - Technical Analysis
  • - Chart Pattern Analysis
  • - Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • - Understanding the Trend
  • - Automatic Orders available in the Trading System
  • - Risk Management
  • - Portfolio Management Long-term and Short term Investing Methods
  • - Reading about different Events that affects Price Action
  • - Trading Psychology
  • - Topics covered in 4 week course
  • - What is Options and Futures?
  • - Investing in Stock Market Course
  • - Understanding the Option Chain
  • - Option Greeks
  • - Hedging and DeltaHedging
  • - Fundamentals of Options
  • - Simple Option Strategies
  • - Complex Option Strategies
  • -Timing the Options Entry & Exit - Stock Options
  • - Nifty & Bank Nifty Options
  • - Futures Trading
  • - Nifty Futures & Futures Pricing
  • - Hedging with Futures
* Student number limited to 15 per batch

Happy Learners

I am a home baker from Hyderabad who has always carried the regret of giving up a career for the sake of family responsibilities. During the pandemic lockdown, I enrolled myself in Madhavi’s money mediation course. And soon I started earning a consistent passive income. I have had training with other big names in the past but it never gave me real-time support to actually make a profitable investment. But with this course, I got exposure to live trading sessions and learnt so many strategies that earning a 6 figure income was soon a reality. My life transformed from a homebaker to a professional investor!

- Kirthi Burma

I am a doctor by profession and did not have any clue of managing my finances. Was looking for some guidance on that front and came across Ms. Madhavi’s training course at the right time. Today, I am able to manage my finances wisely. I can grow my money at the comfort of my clinic or home whenever and wherever I want. The terms stock market and trading seemed complicated to me but thanks to the trainers at Money Meditation, it’s all so comprehensible. I would totally recommend courses at Money Meditation if you are really looking for some practical knowledge to become an investor.

- Sirisha Polkampally

A good structured program to learn about stock market basics and Options trading. A very well recommended training to become a successful trader and become an analyst for yourself.

- Kalyan Gadde

Learning is a continuous process and as you learn new things in life, your confidence level boosts up higher. I am a sucker for new skills and thus happened to enrol with Money Meditation to learn about stock market. This is not just a course that gives you information for a fee. They share real-time information that you can use to make a profit making investment in the stock market. You will learn to earn, you will learn to become financially independent. The trainers here take an extra effort to understand your requirements and guide you in the right direction.
Thanks would be a small word. I have RESPECT ,RESPECT and RESPECT for the trainers at Money Meditation.

- Sangeetha Dutta

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